Toilet Training

What is Gender Neutral Bathroom Week?
WSU Vancouver’s 3nd Annual Gender Neutral Bathroom Week is a campaign to raise awareness and educate about gender diversity. Not everyone that is born male looks and acts “masculine” and not everyone that is born female looks and acts “feminine.” Everyone does, however, deserve to use a public facility without fear of violence or harassment. We are not trying to change any facilities, or ask you to change your identity–we are just asking you to not harass people for not conforming to what you think gender should look like.

Get Toilet Trained 
Every time we enter a public restroom, we must identify our gender as one of two options. These binary gender distinctions (Men/Women) used to segregate restrooms are humorous at best; at worst they are dangerous for people whose gender identity and/or appearance do not correspond with their sex or conform to normative cultural expectations. Many people belong somewhere within the beautiful and transitory black bar that divides the M and the W. When you see those for whom neither bathroom sign corresponds (it’ll be the person who appears that they are in the “wrong restroom”), ask yourself: Why are our bodily functions policed? What role do I play in policing the bodies and identities of others? What can I do to make restrooms safe for everyone? [adapted from Censored Lexicon]

Check out dates for toilet training sessions this year.


Who benefits from this educational campaign?

  • Parents who want to accompany children that are not recognized as the same gender
  • Anyone assisting someone that requires assistance, such as individuals with (dis)abilities or elderly family members with limited mobility
  • Anyone who does not conform to gender norms, by choice or not
  • People who are born with intersex conditions, and are therefore not male or female
  • People who are members of third gender groups, common in the United States and many parts of the world

How can I learn more?
Visit our Frequently Asked Questions page

Some Realities About Public Restrooms (published 4/1/2013 by Matt Kailey)

Five Points for Non-Trans People About Public Restroom Use (by Matt Kailey)

How can I get involved?
Become a Toilet Trainer, for the event and/or in your daily life!




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