Resources for Toilet Trainers

We want you to feel comfortable, ready and empowered for Gender Neutral Bathroom Week!  Here are a few resources for you to read, to get some ideas of questions you may encounter, and help you to formulate your own thoughts about the event.  As we have discussed, asking yourself “why do I support this event?” will help get you thinking about how it aligns with your core beliefs and identities, and help you speak to the naysayers from a place of honesty and authenticity.

What is a gender-neutral bathroom?

Toilet Training Toolkit

Toilet Training Toolkit: Companion Guide for Activists and Educators

From the creators of the film “Toilet Training” this toolkit contains a host of resources, including talking points about gender-segregated facilities, and accessible bathrooms.

Clips from “Toilet Training”


On Women’s Safety in Restrooms:

Personal Stories

Ivan Coyote: Dear Lady in the Women’s Washroom

Christina sharing her story of being assaulted in a public bathroom:

Other Resources

Safe2pee.org: A web site to help gender non-conforming individuals find safe bathrooms in their area.




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