Be a Toilet Trainer

Gender Neutral Bathroom Week is an opportunity to change the WSU Vancouver campus, and to spread awareness of gender diversity into the broader community.  You have a rare and exciting opportunity to help make sure Gender Neutral Bathroom Week is a safe, educational, and inspiring.

How can you get involved? Be a Toilet Trainer!

We are going to need a small army of Toilet Trainers on campus throughout the week, to answer questions and ensure everyone stays safe and comfortable.  Without Toilet Trainers, the week educational opportunities will be lost, and confusion might take away from the potential power of an event like this.  You can make the week a success! Check out our training sessions here.

  • Toilet Trainers will be wear the Toilet Trainer T Shirts the week prior to the event (March 31- April 1) and the week of the event (April 7- 11). This way, people know who to ask, if they have questions.

Tshirt design

  • When people do have questions, Toilet Trainers will refer them to this web site, or give them a 1/4 sheet sized flyer with more info, which we will provide to you.

Other ways to get involved:

  • Wear a button to show your support: We will have buttons, with a variety of designs, so you can proudly show that you have been “Toilet Trained” and you support the movement to stop harassing each other in the bathrooms!
  • Talk about Gender Neutral Bathroom Week: Tell your friends, classmates, and teachers all about the event, and where they can get more information (direct them to this site!).  We all need to start talking about it in the weeks leading up to April 1st so people feel prepared.  When it is over, don’t let the conversation end!  Also, do not limit your conversations to campus–tell people in your community all about the event.  Let the word spread that WSU Vancouver is a leader in ensuring that gender diversity is welcomed and affirmed on campus.
  • Check on our Gender Neutral Bathroom Week materials: If you notice a flyer has been vandalized, make sure it gets replaced with a fresh flyer.  If you do not have flyers yourself, contact us when you take it down, and we will hang a new one.  If materials are thrown away, let us know, and we will make sure the resources are replaced.
  • Participate in Gender Neutral Bathroom Week: Show that you can fearlessly and comfortably use a gender neutral bathroom!  We can’t expect others to feel comfortable if we don’t show them they have nothing to fear.  Take a personal inventory of your own feelings, and if you feel like you can be a good representative of the event, show it–use the designated Gender Neutral Bathrooms all week proudly.
  • Take what you learn into the broader community: The impact of a big event like Gender Neutral Bathroom Week can overflow into the broader community, if we help to make that happen.  Talk to your friends, your neighbors, your coworkers, your congregation.  Ask them how they are contributing to your neighborhood, workplace, church and community are safe and affirming to all, no matter how they express their gender.
  • Don’t let the conversation end on April 11th: Keep the energy alive! For example, if you frequent a local business that has two single stall bathrooms labeled “male” and “female” talk to them about changing their signage so anyone and everyone can feel comfortable using either restroom!


One thought on “Be a Toilet Trainer

  1. Congrats on the grant. Sign me up!

    Posted by Abril Hunt | 02/14/2012, 8:19 am

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