Gender Neutral Bathroom Week

Gender Neutral Bathroom Week 2013

April 7 – 11, 2014

Photo Credit: Meredith Williams and Janae Teal


Right now, some of your colleagues on our campus are receiving everything from dirty look to verbal harassment…just for trying to go to the bathroom.  Just because they don’t look like a stereotypical man or woman.  Everyone should be able to pee in peace.

We are organizing a Gender Neutral Bathroom Week as part of a bigger campaign to raise awareness that instead of fearing the unknown, we should be celebrating gender diversity!  If you see someone masculine in the women’s bathroom, think about why that makes you uncomfortable–what is in our beliefs about gender and/or sexuality that makes you feel discomfort?  If you see someone feminine in the men’s bathroom, think about why that makes you uncomfortable–what is in about our beliefs about gender and/or sexuality that makes you feel discomfort?  Isn’t it okay to let go of that discomfort, and just let people go to the bathroom?

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5 thoughts on “Gender Neutral Bathroom Week

  1. Does this mean that ALL bathrooms on campus will be open to BOTH genders that week? Or is it more of a hypothetical concept to get people thinking? Just curious. Thanks!

    Posted by Sheena | 03/27/2012, 3:46 pm
    • Hi Sheena! There will be one set of bathrooms in each of seven buildings that will be gender neutral. The rest of the bathrooms in those buildings, as well as the rest of campus, will remain gender-segregated. For the bathrooms that are marked “Gender Neutral” all students will be able to use the bathroom of their choice, no matter their gender identity or expression. There are all sorts of gender identities and expressions out there, beyond the two you see the most. Raising awareness of that diversity is part of our mission with this event. Thank you for asking! 🙂

      Posted by genderdiversitywsuv | 03/27/2012, 3:59 pm
  2. Your fighting for someone to pee in peace? Really, while regularly I have to wait to pee because the ONLY handicapped accessible stall available to me is being occupied by someone who likes the elbow room. Hmmm… sorry for your emotional discomfort.

    Posted by Shellynda Michalek | 03/30/2012, 6:28 pm
    • We don’t think we need to be in opposition to anyone else’s bathroom needs. People who are gender non-conforming routinely face discomfort, but also verbal harassment and physical violence, for trying to pee. This is being documented and discussed around the country. It seems you are frustrated about having to “hold it” while others use the once accessible stall–that is a similar frustration to what we are feeling. Gender non-conformers have to “hold it” and navigate their entire day around avoiding bathrooms so they won’t feel harassed or unsafe. We suffer from bladder infections, and dehydration, avoiding liquids that may necessitate a bathroom trip. We also hear from people who want to be able to take their kids in with them, without being harassed or having anyone freak out. Or people who have caretakers, or aides to help them in and out of their wheelchairs of another gender, who want to be able to pee in peace. Straight women with short hair and straight men with long hair who get tired of answering questions. Yes, we know what bathroom we walked in–and we made the decision knowing we had no choice but to face your scrutiny because we need to perform a basic bodily function. It isn’t a contest, it’s a request: let everyone pee–you included.

      Posted by genderdiversitywsuv | 03/31/2012, 9:17 am


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